Sunday, 26 June 2011

Versace Pre-Fall 2011

I've been lately very obsessed with Versace so why not do a fashion post about it?
The Pre-Fall 2011 collection definitely caught my eye. I'd describe it as edgy, chic and bold. I love how there are so many different patterns and and prints combined with each other. And besides the collection just being an eye-magnet overall, all the items separately are also true fashion statement pieces. I also got a few new ideas how to spice up my every day outfits so I think it's fair to call this collection a double win.

Starting out with my personal favourite:


Alma said...

Loving these outfits! Especially the first one :)


VT said...

I love your blog, so inspirational and awesome! You are very pretty :)

come see mine:

Ola said...

lovely inspiration!

Klaudia B. said...

amazing photos !

M. said...

Thank you so much @ girls above me :)