Friday, 22 July 2011


It's past midnight already but I can't go to bed without writing a post. It's been awhile once again, sorry. I've been enjoying my Summer to the fullest - meeting up with friends, shopping, tanning, partying.. but also doing some serious stuff like looking for a job. That in fact has been a lot harder than I could've ever expected. But long story short - whenever life closes a door, it also opens a window therefore I will have my first (try-out) work day on this Sunday. Yay! Wish me luck :)
But on another note, I've been kinda thinking that I should change my blog's layout a little. I'm not quite sure just yet but it just looks a little incomplete to me. Maybe I should add colours or pictures.. or remove something? Hmm. Although I can tell you that I have some fun post-ideas ready for you and I'm hoping you will like them as well. For example, I thought I'll finally do a proper introduction post on myself once I have a few more followers so you could actually have an idea who I am.
I'm really trying to get more into my posting mode again. I need to remind myself to stay inspired and sustained but my personal life just seems to get on my way. Drama and all that.. blah.
I hope you all have had a fantastic summer so far as well. This weekend will be super busy (as I already mentioned) but I will most definitely do some kind of an interesting post for you during those 3 days so stay tuned.
I'm off to sleep now. Nighty night!

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